Polish Bakery

In London

Naturalny zakwas

Our bread and pastries are made with passion and love for the unique yet simple and natural Polish bread, which our ancestors would take, as commanded by the old Polish custom, to greet those returning home from far away places. With respect to the tradition we bake bread according to old recipes, using 100% natural sourdough, which makes each loaf unique and special.

There are flavors and scents we remember for a lifetime. One of them is scent of freshly baked bread which used to woke up our grandparents every day. Choosing our polish bread, you can rest assured you will reach for new Polish customers - they value traditional, crunchy skin Polish bread. New customers - We can advise you on range of our products and supply you with freshy baked Polish bread on a daily basis. Please contact us today and we will answer all your questions, and help you get started.
Twelve Grains - your Polish Bread Supplier and Wholesaler in London, UK.

100% polskiej maki